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NIST Open Lane Test coming to the Zephyr Drone Simulator

Little Arms Studios has elevated the field of virtual aviation with the latest
addition to its Zephyr Drone Simulator offering. The NIST Open Lane Test
scenario is designed to measure pilot aptitude and help develop measurable
skills. It is the only simulator on the market that is able to provide such a
sophisticated and practical type of training.

For those not already familiar, the NIST Open Lane Test is a training and
evaluation course setup constructed from multiple 2-gallon buckets, screws and
wood. Users must maneuver the drone among the bucket stands to meet specific
criteria and capture images located at the bottom of the buckets. For a more in-
depth look at the NIST Open Lane Test and its fabrication, you can view the tri-
fold overview here.

By connecting a compatible controller to a computer’s USB port, the user is able
to embark on a series of simulated flights, all of whose results are objectively
recorded and graded. Users are rated on throttle control, hovering ability, forward
flight, horizontal flight and landing. In each simulation, the weather can be altered
to determine flying ability in a wide range of conditions.

Originally introduced in 2016, the Zephyr Drone Simulator has continually
evolved and remains the leading simulator for commercial drone training. Its
unique Learning Management System ensures that flight instructors are able to
quickly and accurately measure student progress without being physically

Little Arms Studios is dedicated to bringing new content and resources to the
platform to ensure that customers and partners always have the tools they need
to tackle the constantly evolving drone market. Universities, workforce
development teams, law enforcement officers and professional trainers have all
benefitted from these comprehensive training solutions. Arrangements with
several JROTC groups as well as first responder groups are currently under

Little Arms Studios, a rapidly growing software company headquartered in
Manassas, Va., is a leader in providing cutting-edge drone and public safety

training simulators, customized mobile apps, and software solutions for
gamification, 3-D modeling and augmented reality features for enterprise
customers. For more information, please visit https://littlearms.com. To learn
more about the Zephyr Drone Simulator, please visit https://zephyr-sim.com.

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