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Japanese start-up, DroNext 株式会社, is joining the Drone Logistics Ecosystem to collaborate on the standardisation and integration of drone delivery systems.

Osaka, Japan, DroNext 株式会社 is pleased to announce its participation as a new member in the Drone Logistics Ecosystem. DroNext’s future vision is to help design and standardize vertiport infrastructure throughout Japan and Asia, focusing on the intersection of UAM, drone logistics and intermodal transportation. Their mission is to create the infrastructure necessary for a future where UAM functions at scale and is accessible by all members of society, as they aim to promote growth and collaboration between local communities and stakeholders.

To this end, DroNext and AirGo design team are working on a universal solution for drone delivery systems, with the introduction of the lightweight smart DroneBox™. DroNext and AirGo design see the Drone Logistics Ecosystem as a great opportunity to introduce future standards in the industry to Japan.

DRONEXT 株式会社, CEO Mr Asa Quesenberry – “For the world to realize a future in which UAM and drone logistics have tangible benefits to everyday society, a strong focus needs to be placed on collaboration. For that reason, we are excited to join the Drone Logistics Ecosystem, a global body we feel will help create the type of open, value-focused dialogue needed in the UAM space. We are eager to help bring these dialogues, standards and innovations into the Japanese market and look forward to the future growth within the ecosystem.”

The DLE is a free of charge, global multidisciplinary “quadruple helix” network of Companies, Universities, Public/Government, and Investors to stimulate innovations, collaborations, and standardisations in the drone logistics industry.

The aim of the Drone Logistics Ecosystem is to bring together stakeholders in the drone logistics industry under one roof to support the commercialisation and marketing of products of Drone Logistics members.

Since the industry at its inception, most of the companies are early-stage start-ups with limited access to funding, manpower and expertise, making us an ideal platform for companies to lend their expertise for joint-development of products, consulting, or simply as sub-contractors, or for any other format of cross-disciplinary/border collaboration.

The benefits of the Drone Logistics Ecosystem include.
· Inclusivity for all players in the industry with an open Drone Logistics Ecosystem.
· Standardization globally to ensure the smooth and efficient movement of goods from the factory to the end customer globally.
· A win-win for all participants in this emerging industry and the delivery and courier
industry, and more importantly, the customers.

AIRGO DESIGN PTE. LTD.: Dr Ali Jahanshahi, [email protected],

DroNext 株式会社: Mr. Asa Quesenberry, [email protected],

DRONE LOGISTICS ECOSYSTEM: Mr. Gary Vermaak, [email protected]

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