ExoLander and Spotlight for EVO II

ExoLander and Spotlight for EVO II

The EXOLANDER © is an exoskeleton with 10 hard points that allows various accessories to mount to the Autel Evo II Mounting Platform. It also provides the Evo II with leg extensions while maintaining the proper CG (Center of Gravity) on the Autel EVO II aircraft. The mounting platform can be easily removed without the use of tools.

The SPOTLIGHT mounts to the Exolander. At 2300 lumens, it has a 60-ft wide focus beam at an altitude of 200-ft. The SPOTLIGHT weighs 350 grams, has a 70-minute battery life, is water-resistant and is self-cooled. It may be mounted at a 15-degree angle, or positioned straight down. 

A Payload Drop system enables users to manually trigger the drop mechanism to release and deliver payload.

Life saving devices such as a radio, blanker, water bottle, first aid kit or other small may be used. The lightweight system is designed to carry safety lines to stranded or drowning swimmers.

  • Made in the USA
  • 2,300 Lumen
  • Directed 15° beam
  • 346 grams / 12.2 ounces
  • 70 minute runtime

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