Drone Operations Collaborative (DOC) provides a turnkey Emergency Inspection package to help utilities respond to disasters

Drone Operations Collaborative (DOC) provides a turnkey Emergency Inspection package to help utilities respond to disasters

Beyond the Drone announces the launch of the Drone Operations Collaborative, “the DOC,” a comprehensive inspection solution for utility companies to manage, assess, and report conditions during emergency events. The DOC provides the personnel and software to help utilities mobilize and respond more quickly when time matters most.

Beyond the Drone unveiled the DOC during the SEDC + Futura Online User Conference 2021 in July. The DOC is a collaboration among Futura Systems, Asymmetric Unmanned, and Beyond the Drone. Each company contributes essential personnel and technology to support the utility mission and respond to storms and emergencies more effectively and efficiently.

Derek Lyons, CEO of Beyond the Drone, says that “the DOC was conceived to address the need to safely amass expertise onsite and remotely to help large and small utilities respond to disasters. Supported by the Utelinspect common operating software platform, field personnel can now easily manage, assess, and report on the situation.”

The DOC solution is comprised of four elements:

1) An Airboss to help deconflict the airspace, meet FAA regulations and manage flight operations of multiple simultaneous missions.

2) Assessment and geospatial tools that help understand the condition of assets and the location and scale of damages.

3) The UtelInspect software solution to connect the flight and inspection operations and to streamline the process of reporting and responding to critical areas of need.

4) Standby onsite and remote drone inspection crews and equipment, and administrative personnel to help where and when needed.

Matt Peterson of Asymmetric Unmanned understands the dual challenges of coordinating disparate crews during disasters while simultaneously managing and de-conflicting the airspace. He asserts that “the speed of sharing information has a huge impact on a successful response to disasters.”

Adds Lyons “Having a single and secure place where the players from near and far can share information, greatly accelerates time to knowledge. Using Utelinspect makes the data sharing near-real-time — minutes rather than hours or days.”
David Shaw of Futura Systems affirms that “maybe the most important contribution drones make is that they essentially turn observations into data. Utilities can’t do anything with observations. Until they have data, they can’t plan and initiate response activities.”

This DOC, or Drone Operations Collaborative is a huge step forward for making utilities’ emergency response more timely, efficient, and effective. Lyons says, “Drones increasingly figure into workflows during emergencies. They help compress the timeline to gather data because they can get into areas that are otherwise inaccessible.” The DOC provides a mechanism for tighter collaboration among key
players and provides the expert emergency support that is so urgently needed. ~~

About Asymmetric Unmanned Asymmetric Unmanned conducts more drone-based utility inspections than any other provider in the United States. Our Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) is committed to providing our clients with decision quality data on their critical infrastructure through utilization of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Our team is dedicated to developing and providing flight service solutions tailored specifically to our customer’s needs, with a best-value
approach to logistics support and consulting. Our mobile flight crews are coupled with a fleet of cutting edge UAS aircraft and sensor technologies, capable of providing solutions for your most challenging business requirements. We provide a wide range of commercial UAS flight services across several industries. Our flight crews are fully mobile – deploying to customer locations throughout the nation.

https://www.asymmetricunmanned.com/ Phone: 785.817.6072

About Futura Systems Futura Systems is an industry leader providing powerful mapping, staking, outage management, and work order management technology for utilities across the United States. As an Esri Gold Business Partner and Meridian Cooperative company, our products integrate with other leading utility technologies to extend utilities far beyond their office doors.

https://www.futuragis.com/ Phone: 678-906-2575

About Beyond the Drone Beyond the Drone (BTD) is focused on advising utilities on how to effectively implement drone technology into their current-day inspection processes. Beyond the Drone’s professional team includes a broad range of expertise in order to provide a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique challenges of each utility company, especially during storms and disasters. The BTD team includes airmen. drone pilots, technologists, workflow specialists, industry authorities, software designers, regulation compliance professionals, government contractors, and business executives. Their recommendations are targeted, immediately actionable, and relevant.

We can deliver all you need to know.

www.beyondthedrone.net Phone: (352) 283-3402

Queries to: DOC@beyondthedrone.net

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