New Delhi, India- Drone delivery tech start-up, Skye Air Mobility has recently confirmed its participation as a new member and the first member from India to Drone Logistics Ecosystem. Skye Air Mobility, a drone delivery tech company focused primarily on healthcare, e-commerce, and food logistics.

As the lead operations member of the first consortium to be given approval by DGCA, they are spearheading the BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) trials and for “Medicines from the Sky” trials for the Telangana government in collaboration with leading logistics delivery partners. Skye Air is working with various companies to assist them in spreading their network in rural, semi-urban and urban areas, helping them in reducing invaluable time and cost for delivery of essential supplies.

Faster aerial communication will also result in protecting the shelf life of critical products.

This concept will act as a catalyst in improving healthcare and supplies to reach rural/urban areas and in turn increases the life expectancy of the rural/urban population through timely medical assistance. The collaboration in the Drone Logistics Ecosystem will help–Inclusivity for all players in the industry with an open Drone Logistics Ecosystem; Standardization globally to ensure the smooth and efficient movement of goods from the factory to the end customer globally; A win-win for all participants in this emerging industry and the delivery and courier industry, and more importantly, the customers.”

SKYE AIR MOBILITY, Co-Founder & COO Mr. Swapnik Jakkampuddi said “The environment is optimistic, people have the right mindset, favourable government policy & projects and aerial technological advancements, drone delivery will be a game-changer sooner than we think. Hence, we are certain that the collaboration between Skye Air and AirGo Design via Drone logistics ecosystem will prove to be mutually beneficial.”

AIRGO DESIGN COO, Dr Ali Jahanshahi said “India’s Advanced Air Mobility industry is one of the most rapidly growing around the globe, in particular drone manufacturing and delivery services. Thus, making it one of the most strategically important markets in the world when it comes to scope and quality. We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Skye Air Mobility to develop a standardised smart lightweight drone container for the Indian drone logistics market, using the same methodology as for AirGo’s proprietary Dronebox™ concept. Our partnership with Skye Air will be announced through Drone Logistics

Ecosystem, and we are hoping this initiative will stimulate further innovation and
collaboration with other members as well.”

The DRONE LOGISTICS ECOSYSTEM Secretariat, Mr. Gary Vermaak said: “the DLE is
pleased to welcome Skye Air Mobility to the growing industry forum and we look forward to welcoming more companies, academic institutions and public institutions to this global initiative for the drone logistics industry

AIRGO DESIGN PTE. LTD.: Dr Ali Jahanshahi, [email protected],

SKYE AIR MOBILITY: Capt. Eshaan Khullar, [email protected],

DRONE LOGISTICS ECOSYSTEM: Mr. Gary Vermaak, [email protected]

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