BATMON is the lightweight BMS for your batteries and BatCha Charger is the solution to charge your battery as simply as you’d charge a phone’s battery. The combined power of BatCha and BATMON provides simplicity for using batteries while providing easy tracking capabilities for all your batteries. BATMON is a Battery Management System(BMS) that monitors the battery parameters, and performs activities such as cell balancing to keep the battery ready for action. BatCha reads the status of the battery from its BATMON so as to determine how to charge the battery, if it’s safe to charge the battery etc. We believe BatCha is the first charger with the right-to-repair and an open firmware.


Batteries are an integral part of drones. However, hobbyists and custom drone manufacturers have been using batteries in rather interesting ways. They are either too destructive on the battery – draining it beyond recommended limits – or too conservative and not utilizing the battery efficiently.

BATMON and BatCha is a convenient and safe system to harness the growingly large, powerful and dangerous batteries used on drones and other robotic systems.

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