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Anzen EG-1250 and Sicura EG-1100 helicopters

UAS Global Services introduces the Anzen EG-1250 is a heavy-lift, long-range, multi-purpose Group 3 platform. The helicopter will significantly expand UAS Global Services’ service as well as operational support offerings. Basic specifications include a maximum takeoff weight of 250 pounds (113 kg), a maximum flight time of up to 6 hours, a payload capacity of 75 pounds (34 kg), a cruising speed of 65 kts, and all-weather day and night capability.

The “EG” in the Anzen EG-1250 designation stands for a dual-engine configuration consisting of electric and internal combustion propulsion. The main engine is Sky Power’s SP-180 SRE Wankel engine, while the secondary engine is a NeuMotors 12030/5.5. This 30KW electric motor can power the aircraft or serve as a power amplifier in combination with the SP-180 SRE. In addition to the added power and safety provided by the two motors, the Anzen EG-1250 can autorotate and offers an optional safety parachute system.

UAS-GS was contracted by Ireland-based UAV Evolution Ltd. to develop the dual-rotor platform. After more than 5 years of development, the versatile design allows for a variety of engine, payload and operational options. The platform flexibility allows the Anzen EG-1250 to support a wide range of customers in the marine, agricultural, oil and gas, utility, cargo transport, security and other application sectors.

UAS Global Service’s second helicopter is the Sicura EG-1100, which is the third generation of the internally developed single-rotor helicopter. This flight system has become the workhorse of the UAS Global Services fleet in recent years and is now available to external customers. Basic specifications include a maximum takeoff weight of 55 lbs (25 kg), a flight time of up to 3.5 hours using an internal combustion engine or a flight time of 1 hour in electric mode, a payload capacity of 15 lbs (7 kg), a cruise speed of 55 kts, and a takeoff wind speed of 25 kts.

The EG-1100 is available with both electric and internal combustion engines. The combustion engine is Sky Power’s powerful and efficient SP-110 TS ROS two-stroke engine, which has been specially tuned and modified to the flight system. The result is competitive flight performance characterized by stable performance under severe environmental conditions, exceptionally stable flight, and immediate flight response during imaging and LiDAR operations.

With the EG-1100’s considerable payload capacity, customers can implement various transportation tasks in one mission. Different sensor and camera systems can be integrated simultaneously in the Sicura EG-1100, enabling multiple data-acquisition applications in a single flight. This significantly increases the efficiency of the overall UAS mission and provides the customer with timely, cost-effective and high-quality results.

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