AAUS seeks clarity in Unmanned Aircraft Levy

It has come to the attention of the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems possible discrepancies in the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s (CASA) industry cost recovery figures relating to the Unmanned Aircraft Levy.

In the recently released Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS), documenting CASA’s cost recovery arrangements for aviation regulatory services, CASA forecasts average expenses of approximately $27,500 over the next four financial years, with full cost recovery starting in 2022-23. However, current figures for 2021-22 show CASA only recovering $1.4M from registration fees introduced last month for commercial RPA above 500 grams. 

As a result of this information, AAUS is seeking greater transparency on CASA RPAS costs and revenue and has submitted a request under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 for a detailed breakdown of costs and revenue that are contained within the CRIS.

AAUS will keep members and the broader Australian industry informed as details are clarified. 

More information including a copy of CASA’s estimated revenue and expenses is available on the AAUS website

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Greg Tyrell
Executive Officer

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