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UK-Based Drone-in-a-Box Provider Calls for Global Partnerships

The new and improved IDIPLOYER MP2.1 drone dock by idroneimages is now ready to be shipped to drone service providers (DSPs) all across the EU region. Along with the product revamp, idroneimages, in collaboration with FlytBase, invites global businesses to join the IDI Partner Program, launching this Friday (July 23, 2021) at 17:00 BST.

RSVP today and stand a chance to become an official partner of idroneimages and win exclusive product discounts:

The IDIPLOYER MP2.1 Journey

DSPs across the globe have faced several challenges in executing repeatable UAV
missions for data collection, especially in inaccessible and sometimes dangerous
locations. Moreover, owing to the limitations of commercial, off-the-shelf drones, such as short battery life and low transmission range, performing manual operations all around the clock becomes virtually impossible.

Several incumbent drone-in-a-box solutions in the market today are highly complex and prohibitively expensive, which lower ROIs in training, onboarding, and transitioning to an autonomous UAV program, subsequently reducing adoption across industries.

A modular, production-ready, and affordable solution has long been overdue in this space.

Putting a stopper on the wait, May 21 witnessed the official release of the reliable and
compact IDIPLOYER MP2.1, revealing all of its features, including proprietary contact-
charging technology, IP65 weather resistance, and integration with the all-in-one
automation software, FlytNow Auto. This powerful docking station is simple by design
and compatible with all DJI Mavic 2 drones, enabling businesses of all sizes to
effortlessly leverage drone autonomy. To learn more about the complete IDIPLOYER
MP2.1 automation bundle, head over to

The IDI Partner Program

Following the unveiling of this feature-packed drone dock, the engineering team at
idroneimages has been hard at work, extensively testing each component for durability and making several enhancements along the way – for increased usability and complete production readiness.

To celebrate the new and improved IDIPLOYER MP2.1 and provide DSPs with the
requisite training and support for deploying high-quality DiaB systems tailored to their customers’ needs, idroneimages are introducing the IDI Partner Program in collaboration with FlytBase.

DSPs who qualify for the program would be eligible to avail the following benefits:
● Exclusive discounts on docking stations
● Bespoke online training
● Priority systems support
● Extended marketing support
● VIP invite to online partner events

More details will be revealed during the event. Join FlytBase for the launch of the IDI
Partner Program here:

About idroneimages

idroneimages was founded in 2018 by a group of like-minded drone enthusiasts who
wished to demonstrate the transformational capabilities of drones in business operations.

From safety to detailed inspection imagery, drones have been integrated with industries such as agriculture and wind energy. Today, idroneimages operates some of the most complex and highly functional drones in the market, adapting them to its clients’ needs and specific requirements.

About FlytBase

Founded in 2016, FlytBase, Inc., a Silicon Valley company, has built the world’s first
Internet of Drones (IoD) platform, providing drone-agnostic software solutions to
automate and scale drone operations. FlytBase offerings are compatible with major
drone hardware platforms (e.g., DJI, Ardupilot, PX4) and come with SDKs, simulators, and

APIs for reliable testing and seamless integration. FlytBase was a part of Cisco’s
accelerator program and was recognised as the Grand Champion at the NTT Data’s
Global Innovation Contest.

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