Alpine 4’s, Vayu Aerospace Corporation, Demonstrated its G1 and US-1 Airframes to Several US Based Energy and Mining Customers

Alpine 4 Holdings’ (OTCQB: ALPP), a leading operator and owner of small market businesses, announces that its subsidiary, Vayu Aerospace Corporation, has successfully demonstrated its G1 and US-1 airframes to several customers in the Energy and Mining industries.

The event was held in a remote location outside of Terra Heute, Indiana. This specific location was chosen to showcase the capabilities of the G1 and US-1 airframes working within an integrated patch of energy production, generation, and transmission systems.  In all cases, both the G1 and US-1 demonstrated their superior flight time, agility to work in tight spaces (i.e., power lines and electricity transformers) while covering a great distance between energy generation locations.  In addition, the US-1 displayed its ability to work within a network of natural gas production wells.  Tom Hite of ACTeQ, a 3D seismic survey planning, and operational software firm and one of the event attendees, has several natural gas production lines that run through this property. US-1, armed with its FLIR thermal camera, hovered over the site capturing the thermal signature created by these wells. This served as an excellent opportunity for real-world, on-site validation of Vayu’s product suite for fellow energy and mining attendees. 

The attendees of the event included over 30 guests from a variety of companies, including Alcoa, Peabody Energy, Hoosier Energy, AES IP&L (formerly Indianapolis Power and Light), CountryMark, and Silversmith Data.

Kent B. Wilson, CEO of Alpine 4, commented, “Monday the 12th was a pivotal day for Vayu Aerospace Corporation to showcase not only its unique airframes but the level of talent being brought on to this team.  Several attendees expressed that our airframes would revolutionize their current work environment by reducing the time taken to perform cumbersome and laborious tasks.  A few attendees, who currently use drones in their work process, commented that their current drones would require up to six battery changes to complete their typical inspection.  However, with US-1’s incredible flight time, those tasks could be done in one charge cycle.  It was also noted that our drones could remove many of the dangerous tasks performed by helicopter pilots inspecting powerlines. This demo illustrates the countless civilian applications currently underutilized while the drone economy is still in its infancy.”

TK Eppley, President of Vayu Aerospace Corporation, had this to say: “What a great opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of the US-1 & G1 airframes. It was the perfect venue to hear from our energy sector partners regarding what’s important to them, learn about their use cases, and share the capabilities and vision for the future at Vayu Aerospace Corp.”