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AERTEC’s TARSIS 75 adds a new capability that is unique to UAS of its segment in Europe: the laser designator

 The Spanish international technology company has recently carried out a
flight campaign for the Spanish Ministry of Defence – the first time in
Europe that the operation and integration of a laser designator that
complies with NATO STANAG 3733 regulations has been carried out with
a Class I unmanned system, the category to which the TARSIS 75

 The laser designator represents a new operational capability, in addition
to those traditionally included, for ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and
Reconnaissance) missions related to the protection of the Armed Forces,
both for fixed installations and convoy escort.

 AERTEC’s TARSIS 75 UAS has therefore increased its performance
capabilities for the markets in which it operates: Spain, Latin America,
Middle East and Asia.

The TARSIS 75 UAS produced by AERTEC, the international technology company
specialized in aeronautics and defence, has just carried out a flight campaign at the
facilities of the El Arenosillo Experimentation Centre (CEDEA) for the Spanish Ministry
of Defence. This is the first time in Europe that a laser designator that complies with the STANAG 3733 standard has been integrated into a Class I unmanned system.

The system is gyro-stabilised and incorporates pulsed laser designator capability, in
addition to ISR capabilities based on electro-optical and mid-band infrared sensors to
locate and identify targets at long range, both in day and night-time operations.

Currently, no other UAS operator or manufacturer in Europe has successfully integrated a STANAG 3733 compliant laser designator into a Class I unmanned system.

This new capability will be very useful for artillery fire support missions where laser
guided weapons are used and is in addition to the artillery fire correction capability
already implemented in the TARSIS 75. In addition, AERTEC is developing in parallel
guided weaponry for UAS, which will complement the designator capability and provide full strike capabilities.

TARSIS continues to be a category leader in ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and
Reconnaissance) capabilities related to the protection of the Armed Forces, both for
fixed installations and convoy escort. Thanks to this new technological milestone
achieved by the TARSIS 75, Class I tactical unmanned systems can now also enter the scenario of this type of operations.

This campaign has been carried out within the framework of the RAPAZ Programme
promoted by the Ministry of Defence’s Directorate-General of Weapons and Materials
(DGAM – Dirección General de Armamento y Materiales).


AERTEC is an international technology company specialised in aeronautics. It was
founded in 1997 and today carries out its activities at airports, as well as in the
aerospace and defence industries.

In the aerospace and defence industries, it designs onboard systems for aircraft,
unmanned aircraft and high-dynamic vehicles for both the civil and the military spheres.

Using its own in-house design and technology, AERTEC builds light tactical UAS, like
the TARSIS 75 and TARSIS 25, for observation and surveillance applications and the
support of military operations. It also designs, manufactures and deploys systems for
the digitalization of work environments and automation of functional tests, under the
overall concept of the smart factory.

It is a preferred supplier (Tier 1) of manufacturing engineering services and programme management to AIRBUS for its civil and military aircraft. Its participation in the world’s major aeronautical programmes, such as the A400M, A330MRTT, A350XWB, A320 and Beluga, among others, is noteworthy.

In airports, it is positioned as the top aeronautical engineering company, intervening in the study of investment, planning and design, and consultancy in airport operation and in the improvement of the passenger experience. It has references in more than 160 airports in more than 40 countries on five continents.

It employs a team of more than 600 professionals and has registered companies in
Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Colombia, Peru, the United States and
the United Arab Emirates.

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