RAeS International General Aviation Design Competition 2021/2022

Welcome to the RAeS International Light Aircraft Design Competition 2021-22.

This is the fifth in a series of RAeS design competitions aimed at promoting major innovation in the general aviation aircraft sector. This year’s competition is supported by the Light Aircraft Association and the British Microlight Aircraft Association which supervise the building and operation of most light aircraft in the UK.

This year we’re asking participants to design an electric aircraft for a humanitarian mission.

There are many remote parts of the world where medical and food supplies need delivering, and where people need to be moved for better treatment. This competition is a joint RAeS/LAA/BMAA competition for a practical conventional electric aircraft able to fly a passenger or 100 kg of cargo using remote airstrips. Recharging will be accomplished via solar farms, batteries and chargers at each airstrip It is also inspired by simplicity of electric aircraft, and the recent maximum weight extension in many countries of microlight aircraft up to 600 kg.

You are invited to undertake the conceptual design of an electric light aircraft and to demonstrate this design using X-Plane flight simulation tools. The competition timescales have been set in order to fit into a University academic year to enable it to be incorporated into the syllabus if appropriate. Entries are invited for this competition from under- and post-graduate engineering students, professionals and amateur aircraft designers. You may enter as an individual or a team. We particularly encourage entries from teams of engineering students.

Submission deadline is 31 August 2022.

Winners will be announced, and prizes awarded, at the RAeS Light Aircraft Design Conference.

This design competition is run in association with the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) and British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA). We look forward to seeing where you land!

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