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Insitu, Two Norwegian Companies Join Forces to Advance the Unmanned Aviation Ecosystem in the Arctic and High North

Insitu, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, today announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Robot Aviation of Hønefoss, Norway and Andøya Space of Andenes, Norway with an aim to promote innovation and value creation for the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) ecosystem in the Arctic and High North. The alliance will synergize each company’s capabilities and experience to offer products and services optimized for the harsh environments north of the Arctic Circle where many North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO) allies operate routinely.

“Through this alliance we are bringing together the best from both Norway and the US,” said Gunnar Jan Olsen, the President of Andøya Space Defence. Andøya Space has a sixty-year heritage of space, defence and UAS operations in the High North and we think the cooperation with Robot Aviation and Insitu will help build and strengthen the Norwegian UAS community.”

‘’This alliance strengthens our presence and commitment to existing and future customers, it enhances our ability to support the growing community of UAS users in the Arctic region” said Niklas Nyroth, the CEO of Robot Aviation.

The alliance will also seek opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded companies, research institutions and academic organizations that can add value to the alliance, the UAS ecosystem and the overall economy in North Norway.

“We are certainly keen to pursue business opportunities together,” said Dave Funkhouser, Insitu’s Global Growth Executive for Northern Europe. “But our alliance with Andøya Space and Robot Aviation is about much more than just that. Our higher purpose is to grow a sustainable UAS value chain that can service the Arctic and High North over the long-term by promoting cooperation between the commercial, defense and academic sectors across the region.”

The alliance plans to start working together on several projects in the defense and commercial sectors beginning later this year.

About Insitu
With offices in the U.S., U.K., and Australia, Insitu creates and supports unmanned systems and software technology that deliver end-to-end solutions for collecting, processing and managing sensor data. To date, our systems have accumulated more than 1.3 million flight hours. Insitu is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company.
For more information, visit insitu.com.
Contact: Jenny Beloy
Insitu Media Relations
+1 509.637.6196
[email protected]

About Robot Aviation
With headquarters at Eggemoen Aviation & Technology Park Norway, Robot Aviation is a developer of UAS for military and commercial applications. Offering a family of SkyRobot™ systems tailored for specific missions to enable faster decision making, increased awareness, and consistent accuracy for our users since 2008.
For more information, visit www.robotaviation.com

Contact: Niklas Nyroth
+47 906 52 502
[email protected]

About Andøya Space
Strategically located 300 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, Andøya Space of Andenes, Norway operates an orbital launch facility and test range with a 25,000 square kilometer danger area that enables research, development, test and evaluation activities that are not possible anywhere else on Earth. With modern infrastructure, fully-instrumented test facilities and low-density airspace over the vast Norwegian Sea, Andøya Space is among the world’s leading environments for UAS training, education and operations under Arctic and maritime conditions.
For more information, visit www.andoyaspace.no
Contact: Mats Kristensen
Vice President of Unmanned Systems
+47 988 00 158

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