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Zipline retire Robin

Could there be a more solid proof development than releasing data on your last generation of airframe, and even having a previous generation of airframe.

In a post on LinkedIn Zipline tell us Robin is no more, 57k of flight hours us not to be sniffed at!

Zipline has a solid lead in the drone delivery space. Knowledge in not only the sexy airframe and flight bits but the daily drudge of consistent operation, the bit where not ordering coffee and toilet paper has meaning.

Continuous improvement has been the cornerstone of Zipline’s pursuit of a logistics system that serves all people equally. Today, we officially retired “Robin”, a generation of Zip that has been our workhorse for the past 3 years. Robin flew 61,000+ flights, logged 57,000+ hours in the air, and 6,130,275 kms traveled. That’s nearly 14 trips around the circumference of Jupiter! Most importantly, Robin saved thousands of lives and helped transform how healthcare is delivered. Onward and thank you, Robin, and all the Zipliners who made you possible!

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