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World’s First 5G-Connected Ready-to-Fly Drone Is Now Available

Sky Drone Mk1 is the world’s 1st RTF drone that is exclusively connected by a 5G mobile network connection and it can be pre-ordered now.

HONG KONG, 7th MAY 2021 – Sky Drone announces their latest connected drone product, the Sky Drone Mk1. It is a ready-to-fly drone that is exclusively connected through the 5G cellphone network and has therefore an unlimited control range.

“Sky Drone Mk1 is a major milestone in the evolution of autonomously flying drones. It is now possible to order a ready-to-fly drone from us; off-the-shelf; which can be controlled from anywhere in the world,” said Boris Boege, CEO of Sky Drone.

Sky Drone specializes in drone connectivity technology and has been the leader of 4G/LTE connection devices for drones for the past few years. Now this has progressed to 5G connection devices. Its recent partnership with Germany’s Droniq (joint venture of German Air Traffic control and Deutsche Telekom) is proof of the importance of connected drones in the public airspace –especially when they are flying beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). Upgrading that connectivity technology to 5G brings new possibilities to the world of connected drones.

Sky Drone Mk1 has an endurance of 45 minutes. With a maximum takeoff weight (MTOM) of 3.4kg, it classifies as UAV Class 2 according to the latest EU Drone regulation. Sky Drone Mk1 is being controlled from a PC or tablet-based ground station with an optional Joystick/Gamepad controller.

To get connected the drone requires a data-enabled SIM-card. Sky Drone Mk1 has global mobile network compatibility, which includes major carriers in all countries across the globe. The drone has already been dispatched to international pre-order customers for industrial, commercial and governmental use.

Sky Drone Mk1 ships worldwide and can be ordered through the Sky Drone website at www.skydrone.aero

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