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The Thunderwasp air drone is a scalable system starting at only 200 kg for easy handling, while offering top-range payload capacity. The Thunderwasp can run on 95 to 98 octane standard petrol or Jet A1 fuel.

The Thunderwasp can integrate and carry almost any sensor with a weight of up to 1000 kg, even higher with customisation, while unique patented driveline creates minimal vibration for stable sensor and video operation.

TypeQuad RotorTandem Rotor
Length incl. rotor blades6.5 m
Width incl. rotor blades6.5 m
Diameter rotor blades3.0 m2.9 m
Height1.6 m
Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW)870 kg380 kg (Simonini 120 hp)
Empty weight230 kg147 kg
Fuel capacity400 kg
Engine alternativesPiston Engine
Heavy Fuel Engine
Turbo Shaft
Simonini Victor Super 2 (Automotive Gasoline)
PBS TJ100 Turboshaft (Heavy Fuel)
DC 12/24V (Electric)
Power Output151 kW – 180 kW
Max speed95 knots (IAS)
Loiter speed55 kn (IAS)
Cruising speed112 km/h
Endurance+5 h5 h (140 kg Payload)
Endurance 300 kg payload+3 h
Service ceiling4000 m ASL ISA Conditions15000 ft (ISA Conditions)
Service ceiling 400 kg fuel and 300 kg payload3000 m ASL ISA Conditions

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