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The 2021 Small Unmanned Systems Business Journal

This year our goal was to give some consideration to those entrepreneurs diligently
working to further innovation in the American Aerospace ecosystem. The cover
features domestic companies that are providing solutions for the professional end-

sUSB EXPO Journal 2021 provides coverage of first responder drone systems and
insight into cyber-security and mission-critical tools in the drone industry.
Desert Rotor discusses their success in manufacturing in the US and the outcomes
related to delivering a durable, high-quality product in a highly competitive market.

With Additional articles by Skyfish, Skydio, White Fox, Boomerang Carnets, Charles
Werner, Drone Responders, Iridium, and some “safety of the NAS” considerations
from your favourite drone pundit Patrick Egan, you can get your free interactive download here!


While the small Unmanned Systems Business Expo has been on a COVID hiatus, we
could still produce the journal. As always, we strive to produce and disseminate
content worthy of the business community’s time and attention. No fluff and filtered
of conjecture, distilled down to the material that persons can use to prosper. This
year’s offering is chock full of substance that should meet or exceed those ambitions.
Stay healthy and prosperous, my friends!

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