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Delta Drone International (ASX:DLT) Expands Operations into Namibia

● Delta Drone International expands into Namibia to deliver advanced drone operations training for enterprise companies through Delta Drone International’s training brand, Drone Safety & Legal
● For the first time in the region, courses provide advanced training covering all facets of drone program operation to drone professionals in the mining, agriculture and engineering sectors
● Training program conducted remotely for the first time due to COVID-19 restrictions, with course expansion expected through further remote learning

Global drones-as-a-service provider, Delta Drone International Limited (ASX: DLT)
will expand its training operations into Namibia to deliver advanced drone operations training for enterprise companies.

Drone Safety & Legal (Pty) Ltd. (DSL), an accredited training subsidiary of Delta Drone International, designed the course specifically for enterprise drone operators with an intermediate understanding of aerial data capture, to gain deeper insights into the magnitude of ways advanced drone use and its associated services can add value to their operations.

Training courses are tailored to each enterprise and generally run for between 5 and 21 days. They cover all facets of drone program operation, from advanced drone capabilities, data platform integration, administration, servicing, safety and compliance.

Courses often help confirm the desired scope of services and enterprise needs to outsource to Delta Drone International or ways to optimise their current in-house drone operations. Normally undertaken at enterprise sites, in this instance, it will be provided remotely to sites in Namibia due to COVID-19 restrictions. DSL had typically conducted fifteen enterprise courses each year, but with the advent of remote learning is now looking to expand its offering.

Delta Drone International CEO, Christopher Clark said:

“At Delta Drone International we strive to provide the best drone services to the highest operational, compliance and safety standards. With our expertise across drone operations, software development and drone program management, we are in a unique position to create courses that not only educate inhouse drone operators on the innovative ways drones can be used to improve business operations, but also consult on industry-best practice.

“Drone data services are increasingly becoming an integral part of the agriculture, mining and engineering sectors, in creating much faster and credible data analysis. Using our expertise in the areas of aerial surveying and mapping, industrial inspections and precision farming, we look forward to contributing to the long-term career paths of drone pilots within these sectors.

“The ability of our training business to pivot to a remote learning delivery due to COVID-19 is testament to our skilled workforce and the flexibility of our drones-as-a-service model, and it also highlights the continued high level of demand for our training services.”

This announcement has been authorised for release by the Board of Delta Drone International Limited.

About Delta Drone International
Delta Drone International is a multinational drone-based data service and technology solutions provider for the mining, agricultural and engineering industries. It provides aerial surveying and mapping, security and surveillance, and blast monitoring and fragment analysis through a fully-outsourced service with AI and fast data turnaround that allows enterprise customers to focus on operations on the ground while Delta Drone International takes care of everything in the air.

It has in-house enabling proprietary technology, an R&D and integration centre and specialist expertise in designing, developing and providing best-in-class autonomous safety systems for commercial drone deliveries, drone flights for crowd monitoring and in urban areas, as well as ‘beyond visual line of sight’ (BVLOS) missions.

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