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Elroy Air Chaparral wins Green Good Design 2021 award

GREEN GOOD DESIGN’s goal is to bestow international recognition to those outstanding individuals, companies, organizations, governments, and institutions – together with their products, services, programs, ideas, and concepts-that have forwarded exceptional thinking and inspired greater progress toward a more healthier and more sustainable universe.

The Elroy Air Chaparral is an autonomous vertical take-off and landing aircraft that can deliver 300 lbs of cargo over a 300-mile range. Elroy Air’s mission is to improve the quality of life around the world by democratizing access to rapid logistics.

The urgent global need for logistics demands a new transport solution that leapfrogs traditional infrastructure. The Chaparral is able to autonomously deposit and retrieve cargo without human contact and without roads or airports. This air vehicle represents the adaptation and maturation of powertrain from hybrid automobiles, sensing from self-driving vehicles, autopilots from consumer multi-rotor control systems, and manufacturing techniques adapted from rapid prototyping and aerospace. Autonomous air cargo transportation has the ability to improve the quality of life globally by increasing access to time-sensitive critical supplies.

Annually, over 600 million people are negatively impacted by natural disasters. This year, the impact hits all of us. We have the ability to decrease the number of lives lost by providing access to urgent supplies at a moment’s notice to any flat patch of land on the globe.

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