Citadel Defense Digitizes CUAS Training for Military and Government

Citadel Defense Digitizes CUAS Training for Military and Government

With anticipated cuts in Force size, the Pentagon must optimize investments in technology to avoid compromising national security and troop safety. To meet these operational needs, Citadel Defense has integrated CUAS training into their latest software update now available to over 300 fielded systems. Citadel’s software provides guidance and increased situational awareness, helping operators make more informed decisions. Titan reduces an operator’s cognitive load autonomously, transparently, and safely, freeing them to focus on the mission.

“Citadel builds force multiplying capabilities with paradigm-shifting approaches. Our solutions help militaries and governments get organized, trained, and equipped to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving environment. The Titan allows any servicemen or servicewomen to monitor and clear their airspace of uncooperative Group 1 and Group 2 drone activity within 5 minutes of first being introduced to the system,” explains Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense.

Citadel’s latest enhancements transform traditional models for short range CUAS defense. Titan delivers autonomous protection and a safe escalation of force through the application of precision electronic countermeasures. Titan provides operators with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, signal processing, and cyberwarfare to avoid reliance on drone-libraries or non-adaptive countermeasure methods.

When asked about usability metrics for their technology, Williams responded, “It must take less than 5 minutes for an operator to learn how to set up and use. Then it must take under 5 minutes for that operator to train a colleague. Once both are achieved, the capability can be released.”

Citadel developed novel training environments using the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, data augmentation and automated threat simulation. Each Titan unit learns from other deployed systems to ensure that all units have the latest threat coverage no matter where they are deployed.

“Bad actors, radio-frequency environments, threat activity, and military logistics are all unpredictable. End users want solutions that they know will work, no matter where they are, and without caveats or excuses,” says Williams.


Citadel Defense is a cutting-edge counter-drone technology company that builds industry-proven and artificially intelligent drone mitigation solutions for military, homeland security, and commercial applications. Citadel’s Titan technology is trusted by dozens of customers including, U.S. Special Forces, Army, Navy, Air Force, Department of Homeland Security, Border Patrol, and Coast Guard. Visit to learn more.

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