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Silicon Valley Skyfront Drone Flies Sunrise to Sunset for New Flight Record

  • Flying from sunrise to sunset, the Skyfront Perimeter 8 gasoline-electric hybrid drone flew 205 miles, setting the record for longest drone multirotor flight ever recorded
  • The world record-breaking flight was achieved by the lightweight, powerful, and efficient Skyfront Perimeter 8—the company’s most advanced eight rotor drone designed to meet and exceed the capabilities of even the most advanced helicopters.
  • Skyfront is the leading manufacturer of long endurance gasoline-electric hybrid drones
    • The skyfront proprietary fuel-injected hybrid gasoline electric powertrain eplaces the battery and dramatically extends flight times by a factor of twenty.
    • It is optimized for power and efficiency and is seamlessly integrated into the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) design to reduce weight and power consumption. 
    • Founded in 2014, Skyfront drones are designed to solve flight time limitations and unlock the true economic potential of UAVs. 
    • Now, previously time-consuming missions can be performed in a single flight
  • Skyfront CEO Troy Mestler Quote: 
    • “In an unheard of industry feat, our drone stayed aloft for the entire day.
    • Outfitted with an auxiliary fuel tank, the Perimeter 8 captured the sun traversing the sky, rising and setting over California’s Coastal Ranges. 
    • This flight signals a paradigm shift in aviation for public safety and commercial applications. 
    • No longer will police departments, fire departments, and utility companies have to spend huge sums of money on traditional helicopters to monitor, search, or rescue. 
    • Most importantly, no longer will we have to risk lives to save lives.”

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