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Qamcom Group invests in Skysense

Qamcom Group invests in Skysense, a company that brings safety and security to the airspace by turning radio signals into actionable information. Skysense offers highly advanced systems to detect and track drones. In a world where a rising number of drones, not only brings endless possibilities but also possible security threats, it’s more important than ever to be able to protect sensitive areas. 

“We want to move our positions in the UAV segment and establish Qamcom as a pioneer and thought leader within this context. The technology field as a whole is really exciting and challenging with enormous potential and we believe that Skysense is a very interesting and progressive company.

Skysense’s long experience within the industry and Qamcom’s deep competence within Signals and RF is a perfect match” said Johan Lassing, CEO at Qamcom Group In short, Skysense offers a system that not only can detect the flying object, but also the location of the pilot. Something that provides essential information and makes it possible to take both preventive actions and countermeasures towards potential threats.

Skysense’s system can seamlessly be integrated with the client’s incumbent security systems. Typical user fields for the system are: prisons, government buildings, urban areas, military bases, private property and other critical infrastructure sites.  

“Three months have passed since Qamcom entered as an investor and technology partner, and we already see a huge impact. With Qamcom’s top-notch RF engineers strengthening our team, we have increased the product development speed and the competitiveness of our offering. We are fortunate to have them as our partner” said Robby de Candido, CEO at Skysense.  


Qamcom Group consists of diversified companies and fantastic individuals with one overall purpose, to create impact through technology. With a holistic view, technology as a tool and people in mind, Qamcom Group always strives towards progress to generate value and results for all stakeholders. 

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