DSPA – Don’t let Senator Mike Lee from Utah steal our federal rights to fly our drones!

DSPA – Don’t let Senator Mike Lee from Utah steal our federal rights to fly our drones!

Senator Lee is attempting to bring back his previously defeated Drone Federalism Bill. 

Today the Senate will be debating amendments to the U.S. Budget bill. And Senator Lee is going to introduce his attempt at legal thievery of our rights to fly by adding an amendment that would give “States and local governments” the right to control (& likely tax) the first “200 feet above ground level”.

As every who reads this knows, that would devastate both our industry and our hobby.

Can you imagine what it would be like if every state, county, city, and tribe government had the right to tell we drone owners when and where we are allowed to fly? How about if they have the right to tax us or impose landing and launching fees.

Every politician in the country would set Google Calendar reminders to propose new taxes and fees as soon as the Senator’s bill allowed them to. There is a moratorium on when, but they can start doing just that in 4 years.

And what about what this perversion of our rights would do to our industry? What would it do to our daily preflight routine if we have more than one flight that day? What about the absurdity of additional paperwork and billing this will do to this industry?

Can you imagine having to keep track of each and every municipality you fly in that day, as well as what the state and county will be charging? How many new lines will this add to your invoice template. And that’s assuming your clients will even allow you to pass along that cost. How will you keep track of those new regulations? This would create the very “patchwork quilt of UAS regulations” that the FAA is concerned about.

And what can we do as a community? Reach out to your state’s Senator in D.C. Email them, call them, or if you’re close, visit them in D.C. or stop by their local office. They all have local offices. Even if they’re closed for COVID, find the local people and blow up their phone lines.

Do it today! Your livelihood or hobby depends on it.

Explain in no uncertain (but diplomatic) terms what this will do to this industry. Tell them to please NOT support this amendment. Ask them to personally approach Senator Lee on the floor of the Senate and tell him to STOP this amendment process. Tell them to kill Lee Amendment 256!!!

Quick recap:

  • This will craft a myriad of new rules that would create a nightmare for drone owners;
  • This is a precursor to taxes and fee that can increase business and hobby costs;
  • With Remote ID, it’s unnecessary and duplicate regulations;
  • Keep it civil and precise;
  • Remember that nice goes a long way.

Go here, and find out how your state’s U.S. Senator and get busy!!!

Pass this along to EVERY drone owner you know. And to it today!!!!!

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