Monday, May 17, 2021

D80 TITAN UAS full development for sale

The D80 TITAN UAV, a fixed-wing platform developed by Deimos Space, is currently for sale, including tools and rights to continue the manufacturing process.

Due to internal strategic reasons, Deimos decided to discontinue its activity in UAV platforms. Therefore, the full D80 TITAN development is forsale, including a complete aerial platform, all the production means (plugs, molds, tools), spare parts, the design and manufacturing blueprints, and the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the system.

D80 TITAN is a fixed-wing platform with outstanding performance focused to provide a wide variety of surveillance and remote sensing capacities. It is made in composites, with a 4-meter wing span, and 80 kg MTOW. Its propulsion system is based on a tractor combustion engine, 2 strokes-2 cylinders, with an alternator-generator group providing up to 500 W in different voltages. It has a retractile nose gear to ease the field of view of the sensors and includes a specific camera deployment system to protect the mission payload lenses during take-off and landing phases.

D80 has 3 bays for payload allocation with a total volume over 100 liters for different types of sensors/cameras which can be integrated onboard.

With very short logistics requirements, the TITAN is also an outstanding training platform because it includes all type of aircraft subsystems of larger platforms, so that UAV operators can get strong fly expertise without risking more expensive platforms and at an affordable cost.

It is also an exceptional platform to accomplish research and development (R&D) activities, as long as it allows easy integration of different sensors and test equipment to perform real flights in a simple manner. In fact, Onera, the French Aerospace Lab, is using this platform and its predecessor for research activities.

The commercial operation is led by Mr. Alvaro Lopez, formerly Head of UAV Division at Deimos.

Any interested party, please contact Mr. L√≥pez directly ([email protected]).