Blue White Robotics and Asio successfully complete GPS jammed flight ops

Blue White Robotics and Asio successfully complete GPS jammed flight ops

Together with Asio technologies, Blue White Robotics successfully completed sUAS flight trials under GPS satellite interference and jamming.

The aircraft overcame GPS denied scenarios using a unique camera and image recognition system: NavGuard.

Using onboard image libraries as reference, the system was able to orient and navigate by matching them to a live video feed.

The navigation system was specifically designed for sUAS with size and power constraints in demanding tactical environments, where GNSS cannot be relied on.
The test flight was part of The Naama Indicative, a project to push the boundaries of adoption for UAS in urban environments, made possible by the Israeli Ministry of Transportation, Israel Innovation Authority and Civil Aviation Authority (CAAI).

About Blue White Robotics:

Founded in 2017 by ex-IAF pilots and engineers, BWR turned over 20 years of operations
experience in unmanned and autonomous technologies into a rapidly growing company.
They aim to revolutionize industries through autonomy. The company has over 75 employees serving clients across the globe.

Values – Fellowship, love of the land, innovation.

About Asio Technologies:

Asio Technologies is about innovation for ground warriors. Focusing on empowering ground forces and soldiers with personal digital gear for improved, navigation, orientation, and a common language on the battlefield.