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Behold The Plan – UAS DI CONOPS

Will only quote a few of the tastier bits.

“The FAA is looked upon as the global leader in NAS, safety, innovation, and integration.” I guess this was put down before EASA made their latest statement about not taking FAA’s word for things anymore?

The next howler –
“ASH investigative employees are required to testify and/or provide depositions that
often rely on the backbone of steadfast practices supported by comprehensive policy
and training.”

Oh, the irony! You don’t have to be a policy expert or even a Best Buy shopper to see
that this house of cards is ready to come down, and it’s not even built yet.

If I had VC money riding on RID ushering anything besides a failure (over people and BVLOS pipedreams) in the next two years, I’d get out and cut grandma’s 401K losses.
I don’t want to sound too negative; I do like the creative writing exercise “by
providing comprehensive UAS digital forensic data… not only strengthens the fabric
protecting the National Airspace System (NAS).” I wonder if the subpoenas to the
Chinese will be a copy and paste affairs like the waivers?

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