UAS BVLOS in Segregated Airspace (Oban-Isle of Mull-Coll)

UAS BVLOS in Segregated Airspace (Oban-Isle of Mull-Coll)


This proposal is for a Temporary Danger Area (TDA), for which a scaled airspace change process applies and a change level is not applicable. The detailed process requirements are published in the Temporary Danger Area Policy Statement.

Skyports Limited, a UK-based drone delivery service provider, is seeking a volume of airspace complex on the west coast of Scotland in which to carry out UAS delivery operations to help the UK Government and NHS in Scotland with the response to COVID-19, using delivery drones to transport medical supplies and samples (including dangerous goods) between a number of healthcare facilities.

The project is being funded through a joint initiative by the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency. This area of operation is part of the larger UKSA/ESA funded project incorporating the area of operation to be facilitated ACP-2020-055, which is a separate ACP.

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