Nmand Fixed Wing F350G System

Nmand Fixed Wing F350G System

Nmand F350G aircraft is a fixed-wing aircraft for multipurpose operations. Manufactured in wood and fiberglass, it is a fully autonomous system with advanced control fatures.With a robust lightweight structure, the aircraft is easy to disassemble in smaller pieces for easy transportation by removing wings and tail. The robust landing gear installed permits both automatic takeoff and landing in almost any field, without needed to have an asphalted runway.Propulsion is provided from a pusher propeller installed on a combustion engine installed on the aircraft back. Fuel selected for these aircraft is unleaded gasoline mixed with oil, which can be easily acquired in any gas station. It is also a robust engine that requires low maintenance and can be used in the most demanding environments.The system is delivered ready to fly, including all the equipment needed for performing fully autonomous operations.

Payload & Applications

The aircraft has a large cargo bay situated in the front aircraft body with a removable cover for easily accessing the payload.Custom payloads can be installed for a wide variety of applications: mapping cameras, surveillance gimbals (EO/ IR), cargo release systems…Main system electronics, payload, and motor can be easily removed by the operator for replacing the aircraft fuselage in case it results damaged during the operation. It permits replacing the fuselage maintaining the most expensive equipment which ensures system endurance at an affordable price.

Control Electronics

Veronte Autopilot is the core of this unmanned aircraft. It provides fully autonomous flight capabilities at the time it automatically controls the payload. This advanced flight control system can be configured for any kind of mission and operation.Configurable flight phases and control channels permit to set up the system for any specific application, establishing specific flight modes for custom operations. Manual and assisted manual flight modes are also available, providing to take manual flight control at any time during the operation.The automation module permits to configure any automatic performance on event detection. It can be used for establishing safety procedures, such as: go home on datalink LOS, onsite landing on low fuel… or for automatic payload control: turn on lights at a certain altitude, point cameras to a target…The Nmand F350G is a cost-effective solution for high-performance applications, including high-reliability electronics for the most demanding operations.

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