Innoflight and LiDARUSA partnership

Innoflight and LiDARUSA partnership

Since 1999, Alabama based company LiDARUSA has been a global leader in the design and integration of economical LiDAR sensors. Developing on our October 2019 partnership with Innoflight Technology, a manufacturer specializing in UAV systems for surveying, mapping, and inspection. LiDARUSA and Innoflight Technology are announcing the creation of a LiDAR centre of excellence for Australasia. Over the past year, we have fine-tuned several turn-key aerial LiDAR solutions designed for the rugged and easy to use Galaxy 950 and 1080HL single rotor vehicles.

With the demand for the Innoflight aircraft and the LiDARUSA sensors growing in the Australasia region, the partnership between both companies has grown exponentially. This Center of Excellence will establish a new sales, service, consultation and support hub based in Brisbane, Australia. The new hub will assist the growing demand for LiDAR and UAV Systems solutions in Australasia.

Innoflight has also partnered with Australia based company Spatial Collects, to provide expert GIS and data processing services. Together all three companies will work closely together to support and service all current and future LiDARUSA systems in Australasia.

“Working together with InnoFlight and Spatial Collects will allow the Australasia region the opportunity to experience first-hand the reliable, affordable, and timely solutions provided by the combined companies while getting quality local support for both UAV and lidar products” says Jeff Fagerman of LIDARUSA.


LiDARUSA, based outside of Huntsville, Alabama, USA is a global leader specializing in bringing affordable customized LiDAR scanning solutions to the market. For 22 years LiDARUSA has specialized in laser scanning, photogrammetry, instrumentation and all things geomatics. Our motto is the Right Tool For The Right Job, creating backpack, uav, car, and helicopter LiDAR systems that can be used in each of these applications with easy and accuracy.

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About Innoflight Technology

Innoflight Technology designs and manufactures commercial UAV solutions including aircraft, payload integrations, custom autopilots, servos, and ground control stations. We have 15 years’ experience developing and testing flight systems, with operations in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan. Innoflight prides itself on responsive customer support and rapid innovation.

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