Cobra AntiDrones interceptor

Cobra AntiDrones is developing the concept of a interceptor drone, killer of a loitering munition and strike UAVs similar to the Turkish Bayraktar TB2.

Ukrainian startup company Cobra Anti Drones is developing an interceptor drone concept
designed to counter strike UAVs and loitering munition. The development is designed to
become a killer of UAVs like the Turkish Bayraktar TB2, the Israeli Mini Harpy and is
capable to change the anti-UAV industry.

Is it possible to resist alone modern strike UAVs ? – This idea underlies the solution developing by Cobra AntiDrones – a universal drone capable to operate as an interceptor for a UAV, an anti-tank complex, and loitering ammunition.

Dimensions of the launcher and drone: length 40 cm, diameter 14 cm, weight 2.2 kg (included a warhead of 1 kg). Interception height 2 km, combat radius 5 km. Fully autonomous work, due to the guidance system based on AI. Replaceable warhead with various modifications for different operation modes and targets.

Bringing drone into combat position takes less than a minute, the possibility exists to work as a mobile complex and combining many launchers into a single array with an external control and target designation system to protect ground targets.

A special advantage is the possibility of multiple use of the drone to defeat micro UAVs kamikaze due to warhead designed for shooting a bullet with 12-gauge shot. After attack the target, drone returns to the starting point, replacing the bullet and battery takes seconds.

Electronic warfare – the most common method of countering UAVs today, but it is no longer able to resist all threats effectively – conflicts in Syria and Nagorno-Karabakh have perfectly demonstrated this.

Such exotic methods of countering as the kinetic method of destruction, the capture of the drone by the net and similar are extremely limited and focused only on amateur micro drones.

Anti-aircraft, laser and missile systems are expensive, difficult to maintain and use systems.

The mission of Cobra AntiDrones is creating an effective, easy-to-use and affordable solution, to counter a wide range of UAVs threats, for military and civilian use.

More details about the project can be found on the company’s website:


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