Blue Bear launches Air Druids medical delivery programme

Blue Bear launches Air Druids medical delivery programme

Blue Bear Systems announces the launch of its Autonomous Intelligent Robotic DRones for Unmanned Integrated Delivery System (AIR DRUIDS) medical delivery programme. This exciting programme has been enabled by funding through the government’s Future Flight initiative.

The Air Druids programme will build on Blue Bears existing proven swarming drone control system. Initially, the control technology will be tailored to medical logistics delivery of critical items such as blood samples, swabs, blood, plasma and other key medical items. This could be between hospitals, GP surgeries, remote field stations, or emergency delivery to an accident location, and the swarming control system will be able to run a medical logistics flight control hub, tasking, scheduling and monitoring large numbers of drones in real time.

The seamless integration of the medical payload into the existing modular open architecture provides real time payload monitoring ensuring viability and integrity of the payload contents. The open architecture will enable other companies to produce task tailored payloads which can be easily integrated into Blue Bears overall system.

The flexible system design also allows drones from any manufacturer to be utilised, as Air Druids is platform-agnostic, the same system  can also tailored to power drone based logistics networks.

This first phase project will culminate in Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) delivery demonstrations.

Ian Williams-Wynn, MD said, “We have been working on our world leading swarming drone control and logistics system for several years, and it is now flight proven with up to 20 different drones. This exciting next step will see us adapting the core system and producing medical specific payloads and software applications to demonstrate the capability for critical medical logistics delivery.”

Blue Bear is an established, trusted, SME, who always delivers strategic capability. Our people are reliable, current and intelligent, who thrive on innovating at pace. Pulling together effective, best of breed teams, in the air, land and maritime domains, is our forte. Blue Bear is a recognised leader in swarming technology and has accumulated many national or world innovation ‘firsts’ during its 20 years of operation.