Assured PNT solutions where resilience counts

Are you innovating technology that requires positioning, navigation or time to be accurate, reliable and available at all times? As GPS/GNSS jamming and spoofing threats are increasing globally, new technologies are emerging for secure GNSS-based Positioning, Navigation and Time, or PNT solutions.

Recently, the US Coast Guard issued a new warning to all mariners, alerting to the multiple instances of significant GPS interference that have been reported in various regions, including the eastern and central Mediterranean Sea, the Persian Gulf, and multiple Chinese ports. This is the first GPS interference warning issued globally, confirming that the threat of jamming is no longer region-specific, but a growing global phenomenon.

For more than two decades, Septentrio has been specializing in high-performing GPS/GNSS receivers for operations in challenging environments. Our focus has been to identify and eliminate any GNSS-related vulnerabilities.

Check out our latest Assured PNT Solutions for applications where resilience counts.

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