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Red Cat’s Rotor Riot E-Commerce Store Reports Record Monthly Sales

Red Cat Holdings, Inc. (OTC: RCAT) (“Red Cat” or the “Company”), a leading brand in the drone industry, today announced its Rotor Riot e-commerce store generated record monthly sales in November 2020.   

“We are thrilled with Rotor Riot’s performance,” said Jeff Thompson, CEO of Red Cat.

The Cinewhoop, built and tuned by Rotor Riot, is based on the ShenDrones Squirt, enabling drone operators to experience the HD quality of the DJI system with a professionally built high-performance drone.

Rotor Riot’s Cinewhoop model was a key revenue driver for the Company in November, accounting for nearly 30% of sales for the month.

“With DJI added to the Department of Commerce’s list of Chinese companies prohibited from procuring advanced US technology earlier this month, the opportunity in the drone industry has never been better. Rotor Riot’s RTF drones and kits, based on specs from some of the world’s top drone pilots, really set us apart in the market and provide a formidable foundation as we look to capitalize on the opening created by the entity-listing of DJI,” continued Thompson. “Our US based product lines Fat Shark and Rotor Riot  combined with our software platform Dronebox will enable us to serve the United States drone industry, which is the largest drone market worldwide.”

About Red Cat

Red Cat is developing a fully integrated drone supply chain with secure blockchain-based distributed storage, analytics and SaaS solutions for adoption in the drone industry. Red Cat supports education, training and sales of drone products through its Rotor Riot platform and is developing the means to accurately track, report and review flight data that will be useful for insurance and regulatory requirements.  Red Cat’s maintains a commitment to deliver unrivaled innovation to make drones aviators and products accountable and the sky a safer place. 

For additional information, visit www.redcatholdings.com and www.rotorriot.com

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