Embention – the importance of a robust data link in UAV operations

Embention – the importance of a robust data link in UAV operations

One of the first things that a drone operator looking for an UAV to carry out a concrete mission would take into account when selecting the UAV components, would be the data link to be used, specifically, its quality, robustness and the radio range it is capable of reaching.

Some years ago, the loss of the radio link implied, most times, to lose the UAV. Nowadays, this is not that critical anymore thanks to complementary but essential features in the most modern autopilot systems, such as the “return home” function or the “datalink recovery” control phases that are automatically triggered in the autopilot on datalink loose. In spite to this fact, it is still fundamental to have a robust data link in our inventory, and above all in the professional and military UAV market.

At Embention we are proud to work always with the state of the art in broadcast solutions. In this sense and thanks to the collaboration agreement between DomoTactical and our company, Embention, we have now the best options in broadcast systems.

DTC modules

DTC modules are the key piece of the data link system in professional drones requiring video and telemetry broadcasting. This amazing technology can be operated in MIMO Mesh configuration, creating an IP network where all drones, Veronte Autopilot units, payloads and control stations are interconnected. It satisfies the requirements from most demanding operators including the following awesome features:

  • Ethernet support for payload and RS232 for telemetry and telecommand.
  • 128GB built in storage
  • Optional video encoders and SD/HD-SDI inputs
  • MIMO technology for high bandwidth and robust communications
  • Mesh configuration for drone network generation
  • Exceptionally interoperability with the Veronte ecosystem

For applications and operations requiring extended range communications it is possible to integrate high power amplifiers. As part of our DomoTactical-Embention collaboration, we have successfully operated DTC 5W Linear RF Power Amplifier, a small astounding gadget with low noise RF return path and high efficiency that, in combination with the Veronte Tracker developed by Embention, allows reaching communication ranges up to 250km!

In the UAV sector, no two missions are the same. Each one has different requirements in terms of speed, battery life, range and configuration. This induces a lot of headaches to the operators very often. However, the vast variety of DomoTactical products, the perfect symbiosis between them and Embention products, as well as the brilliant integration skills of Embention and DTC engineers, make up the perfect solution to ensure a robust datalink and UAV flight.