DragonForce Partners with Responder Air to Provide Innovative UAV Real-Time Shared Personnel Tracking

Drakontas, the maker of the industry-leading command and control platform, DragonForce, and Responder Air creator of Responder Cast Streaming And Responder Air AR, augmented reality platform for UAV pilots, have completed their integration providing real-time viewing and identification of DragonForce users in the pilots’ display. Agencies utilizing drone flights for accident reconstruction, protest monitoring, tactical deployments, search and rescue, fire response, and more, were limited to seeing where their friendly forces were on the ground, until now

Responder Air AR now overlays any agency’s personnel locations directly into the pilot’s flight display for easy identification, direction, and deployment of all assets on the ground, increasing effectiveness while providing enhanced situational awareness within a real-time view from the sky. DragonForce provides critical personnel location data and voice communications interoperability that enables multiple agencies to collaborate effectively using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. DragonForce delivers a powerful set of team collaboration tools, including personnel tracking, secure messaging and file sharing, situation reports, tactical whiteboarding, and an integrated Push-to-Talk (PTT) feature providing voice communications.

“DragonForce continues to evolve to provide force-multiplying solutions. Our partnership with Responder Air advances the art of personnel tracking for public safety professionals by incorporating DragonForce tracking information into a live streamed bird’s eye view of the entire incident, thus improving overall situational awareness. Our customers must respond to complex, highly dynamic situations that require split-second decisions based on the best possible tactical information available,” said James Sim, Drakontas’ CEO.

“As the public safety UAS market doubles in size every year, an innovative, unmatched, real-time, cost-effective solution is now available for complete situational awareness from the air while partnering with an industry-leading command and control platform on the ground. Responder Air and DragonForce are delivering and leading the way for any agency to utilize today,” Chris Brisendine – CEO, Responder Air, added.

About Drakontas

Drakontas is a leading provider of command and control, incident management solutions to the domestic and international public safety community. Its DragonForce team collaboration platform delivers a tightly integrated set of powerful, yet easy-to-use tools on standard smartphones and web browsers. DragonForce’s personnel tracking, tactical whiteboarding, digital forms, secure messaging, and file sharing empower first responders to make faster, safer, and more effective decisions and actions during day-to-day to large scale incident operations.

To learn more, visit www.dragonforce.us

About Responder Air

Responder Air is a UAS software company focused on public safety. Providing a real-time geospatial-intelligence powered Augmented Reality solution for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, providing instant situational awareness, clarity, and collaboration for a real-time common operating picture in the most complex environments for decision-makers, incident commanders, first responders, as well as, secure low latency video streaming.

To learn more, visit www.responderair.com