Introducing WiPort, our 2nd generation drone nest platform

Introducing the WiPort Phoenix, our 2nd generation drone nest, built as a fully integrated and smart modular hardware platform for drones. The WiPort Phoenix integrates with most drones, ground control stations, smart weather station, wildfire detector, drone radar, and other smart 3rd party devices.

Using a drone comes with a large number of advantages, which allows operators to perform tasks far more efficient and inexpensive than using alternative methods or doing the work manually. Drones however do have a number of shortcomings, these typically limit the number of use cases drones can be used for. Some of these limitations include payload weight, flight time and deployment time. This is where the WiPort comes in. Adds greater value with

 + Autonomous drone operation 

 + Rapid drone deployment

 + Secure drone storage and containment

 + Remote operation and data capture

WiPo Wireless Power was born out of the idea to create products that will change the way we use mobility devices. Batteries have not significantly over the last century. What has changed in the last decade is the demand to power mobile and mobility devices, and the need to make devices truly mobile and reliable by cutting the final cord, the power cord. At WiPo Wireless Power we provide wireless power solutions for mobile and mobility devices such as drones, trollies, wheelchairs, medical devices, and other mobility equipment. WiPo Wireless Power is Wi-Fi for Power.

The WiPo Wireless Power solutions makes use of electromagnetic induction to power and charge mobile and mobility devices wirelessly. It allows for a large amount of power, of up to 10KW power, to be transmitted wirelessly. Using wireless power or wireless charging solutions allow for the charging of equipment batteries without the traditional complications or risk associated with charging electrical devices. The biggest advantages of the power system are it is compact, efficient, prevents electrical shock, operates in dirty and wet environments, and provides sufficient power to perform the task at hand.

In 2016, WiPo Wireless Power Pty (Ltd) was the recipient of the well acclaimed GAP awards offered by the Innovation Hub for innovation and excellence. As a result, WiPo Wireless Power Pty was incubated in 2017 into the much-admired Maxum Business Incubator at The Innovation Hub. The company was established to develop and commercialise wireless power technology, which allows clients to benefit from using wireless power technology in areas where traditional plug-in cables are undesired or unsafe. WiPo Wireless Power was founded by Dr Jaco du Preez, Ph.D. who has over two decades of professional experience with electricity, power generation, information technology and management industry experience. The company is certified as a Level 4 BB-EEE contributing company, a registered supplier on the government central supplier database and an export company.