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Indian Institute of Drones expands Franchisee Portfolio

With 3 Franchisee/Partner offices in India and 2 International Franchisee/Partner offices, Indian Institute of Drones, The No.1 Drone Pilot training Institute in India, adds 3 new Franchise offices to its Portfolio.

With an abrupt rise in demand for Drone Solutions and Services, the need of the hour is to nurture the drone ecosystem in India and create professional Drone pilots to do the job while maintaining flight safety, as well as binding to the rules and regulations. Drones are going to use the same airspace which is used by manned aircrafts and hence it is important to have trained pilots. The Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Civil Aviation has repeatedly mentioned his goal of making India the Drone Hub of the world, which will require a self-sufficient ecosystem to be created in the country. With an increase in the number of drone projects and government tenders an estimated 70,000 drone pilots will be needed by 2022.

This is a huge advantage for the students and professionals in India to explore this technology and ride the global technological wave.

The Franchisee of Vishakhapatnam and Vijayawada has been taken over by Mr. Pilli Pavan
Kumar and the Chennai Franchisee has been taken over by Mr. Vinoth Kumar C; Both of whom are certified Drone Pilots from Indian Institute of Drones. “We are thrilled to welcome Pavan and Vinoth to the IID family and are confident that their immense industry and brand expertise will undoubtedly yield success,” said G Ram Sarath Kumar, COO and Chief Flying Instructor, Indian Institute of Drones,

About the organization:

Indian Institute of Drones is the No. 1 Drone training institute in India. Training more than 2200 Drone Pilots in India, it specializes in training professionals and Drone technology enthusiasts who have the willingness to learn the art of flying drones to carry out UAV piloting and operations with great emphasis on flight safety and security issues.

For more information please visit, www.indianinstituteofdrones.com

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