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Flylogix Meets Methane Emissions Measurement Milestone

Leading unmanned aviation company Flylogix has reached a major milestone in a development project pioneering methane emissions monitoring.

Partnering with gas-sensor experts SeekOps and energy majors Total, Chrysaor and BP, Flylogix is developing a measurement technique specifically focussed on offshore asset monitoring.  Flylogix conducted a first trial during August 2020 and has since flown over 1,500km of BVLOS flights collecting over 170,000 measurements. The data collected is driving rapid development which will enable operators to record, report and act on the findings.

Obtaining verifiable, accurate emissions data is crucial for baselining the current situation and demonstrating meaningful emission reduction over the coming years. This is critical as energy producers target demanding greenhouse gas intensity reductions within the next five years and transition towards net zero by 2050.

Funded by the OGTC, Flylogix are developing a unique Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) -based solution to the emissions monitoring challenge; one that offers significant advantages in cost, safety, reliability and environmental responsibility over all other alternatives.

Further trials will be conducted to collect data from other North Sea offshore assets, these are scheduled for early 2021.  Flylogix are confident that this pioneering approach will be transformational for the offshore energy sector.

Charles Tavner, Executive Chairman at Flylogix, said: 

“Using this knowledge, we can continue to transform remote operations, supporting our energy industry partners in their drive to net zero and realising significant environmental, safety and economic benefits.”  

Dan Touzel, Technology Planning & Integration Analyst at BP said: 

“Working with Flylogix and partners from across the energy sector has been extremely rewarding. The technique brings the exciting potential for an offshore top-down measurement solution that will deliver significant improvements to our monitoring operations”

Kris Kydd, Robotics Leader at Total E&P UK said: 

The technology that is being developed by Flylogix and other industry partners has the potential to significantly improve how we collect data on emissions. This will help us increase the pace with which we can reduce emissions from our offshore operations.

James Lawson, Energy Transition (Environment) Advisor at Chrysaor said: 

“We have some demanding environmental targets to meet, and we are determined to meet them. I am confident that working alongside Flylogix and other industry partners the progress we are making on emissions monitoring is a meaningful step towards net zero.” 

Suzanne Buist, Project Engineer at OGTC said: 

“As industry looks to reduce emissions and transition to a net-zero North Sea by 2050, we need to be accelerating technology to deliver affordable net-zero solutions. By supporting projects like Flylogix, the OGTC is enabling industry in the transition towards net zero.”

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