SIMNET: A Turnkey Cloud-Based Simulator for UAS Suppliers

Unmanned Aerial System simulation tools offer a cost-effective way for end-users to learn how to operate their Unmanned Aerial Systems.  However, most UAS suppliers do not offer a simulator option for their clients, in part because of the high cost of developing, distributing and maintaining such software.  SIMNET is a new cloud-based simulation service which offers a fully-managed, turnkey simulator solution for UAS suppliers, allowing their end-users to train, maintain pilot proficiency, and validate missions with ease.

SIMNET offers compelling capabilities made possible by an innovative approach to simulation:

* Web-Based Simulator: Just open the website, connect your transmitter and ground control station, and start simulating right on your web-browser.  This eliminates the hassles of software distribution, installation, updating, and hardware compatibility issues.  It also means SIMNET works on commodity hardware, and on any operating system.

* Cloud-Based Backend: While the user interface runs on a web browser, the physics engine runs on the cloud.  This relaxes the hardware requirements for the end-user, and provides unique capabilities such as swarm simulations, or using the SIMNET SDK to interact programmatically with the simulation server.

* Flexible Simulation Engine: SIMNET’s physics engine can simulate any type of UAS platform including multicopter, fixed-wing, or VTOLs to faithfully capture not only the visual look, but the flight dynamics and performance.  The engine also provides turnkey Software-In-The-Loop simulation of flight control systems including PX4, ArduPilot, and AirRails and more.

* Worldwide Terrain Model:  SIMNET includes a 3D terrain of any location in the world, allowing users to train in realistic locations, as well as test and validate missions.

* Simulation As A Service Model: SIMNET can be licensed on a per-simulation-hour basis, allowing users to pay only for what they need and quickly scale usage up or down as desired.

ComQuest Ventures LLC (CQV) partners with UAS and flight control system suppliers to create simulation models of their systems, and to offer SIMNET to their end-users.  Suppliers also use SIMNET internally to offer training services, and as a product demonstration tool.  Contact CQV at [email protected] for more information.