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She Maps and DroneBlocks partnership

She Maps have recently partnered with DroneBlocks to become an official reseller of their membership in Australia. 

We wanted to share with you just why we’re so excited to be working with DroneBlocks, and how they can provide value to your classroom and drone education programs.

From Beginner to Expert – There’s Something for Everyone

DroneBlocks offers such a wide range of products and courses suitable for all experience levels. So no matter where your classroom is at with drones and coding, there will be something for you! 

Their curriculum ranges from simple block coding, to high-level block coding with loops and variables, to line-based coding using both JavaScript and Python, all the way through to coding flows in Node-RED. Each course is broken down into step-by-step learning modules with easy to follow videos.

Here’s a list of the courses you’ll be able to get your hands on with a DroneBlocks membership:

  • Advanced Tello Programming with DroneBlocks
  • Tell & Art Presents: Dance
  • Introduction to JavaScript Programming with DroneBlocks Code
  • Tello Drone Programming with Python – Video Course
  • OpenCV, Python, and DroneBlocks for Tello Camera Control
  • Node-RED Programming with Tello and Tello EDU
  • Tello Challenges from Italy with Mr. Torelli – Part 1
  • The DroneBlocks Simulator
  • DroneBlocks Desktop – Alpha
  • Troubleshooting Tello

Making the Leap from Block to Line-Based Coding

Perhaps you’re looking to take the leap into line-based coding with you students? DroneBlocks products are perfect for this transition. The DroneBlocks app has a ‘Show Mission Code’ button which allows students to view their block coding missions in the baseline JavaScript code. This allows student to start to familiarise themselves with the JavaScript language, and what their drone commands look like in line-based code.

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Students can then jump over to DroneBlocks Code, a new app available to DroneBlocks members, which allows them to code their Tello using JavaScript. The interface of this app is super user-friendly, which makes it easy for students to focus on mastering the coding itself.
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Flexible for Your Devices 

DroneBlocks products can be used across a range of devices – Android, iOS, PCs and Macs – so no matter what you’ve got available in your school, you’ll be able find an app which suits your needs!

DroneBlocks Simulator – for When You Can’t Get Out and Fly!

DroneBlocks members have access to the online simulator, a nifty tool which allows students to code missions and watch them play out on screen. Perfect for pre-flight code-testing or for days when you’re not able to get flying. You can get creative and watch your drone flying out patterns and shapes, or use the in-built obstacle courses to test your spatial thinking. Really great for teaching angles and those tricky loops and variables – as the trail feature allows you to keep track of exactly how the drone moves!

There’s Always More to Learn!
We love working with DroneBlocks because they are real innovators! They listen to the needs of the market and are always looking for ways to improve their products and introduce new courses to the curriculum. In just the past month, they’ve brought out a new desktop app, and have developed camera blocks so that you can take photos and video using the Tello camera using block code! We’re really looking forward to using our Tellos for mapping again, so big thanks to DroneBlocks for all of their hard work.

To find out more and to gain access to 1 Month Free DroneBlocks Membership, please email: [email protected]

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