FULTON, New York – On Tuesday, October 20, Rochester Police Chief Mark Simmons presented an award to Sean Falconer and John McGraw, the owners of a commercial drone distribution company based in Fulton, NY. During last month’s protests, Falconer and McGraw handled emergency repairs on the Rochester PD’s surveillance drone and also provided a replacement drone during the repair process.

“We are very grateful to receive this award. When public safety is a concern, we are always willing and excited to lend a hand,” says John McGraw.

The DJI M300, which was lent to the Rochester PD by Empire Drone, was used to monitor
nightly protests. The drone provided the police with a live, aerial feed of the city which helped ensure the safety of both the citizens and officers.

“The ability to monitor a crowd or a traffic situation from the air gives real time intelligence to our command post so they can make decisions on routing traffic… so that the protestors aren’t in danger,” said Chief Mark Simmons.

About Empire Drone: Empire Drone is a leading distributor, integrator, inspection service
provider, and trainer for unmanned aerial systems in North America. Empire Drone was founded on the unrelenting goal of providing our clients with the best the drone industry has to offer.

For more information, please visit www.empiredroneco.com or call us at 315-743-4285.

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