Tuesday, July 20, 2021


Time to get your EO 12866 meeting scheduled up with the OMB and ask your
questions about Remote Identification Rulemaking. It would appear that DJI has
something scheduled up, how about you?

Ho, Ho, Ho, I’m hearing you might even be getting all of this specialness by
Christmas. If not, the FAA will throw the old OMB under the sleigh again. Maybe you
trusting sorts will just be happy to pay up and pipe down, but that’s not how I roll.

I’ve got a few questions like, are we still using the DJI Economic Impact Report
numbers and Aeroscope concept that 70 to 93% (even though they only have 70%
of the market) of the existing drones will be able to meet the new RID requirements
with an SMS push?

How much will it cost for the outliers to comply?

Some of the unwashed masses want to know about privacy, and when will all
aircraft in the NAS be getting RID; it is about an equivalent level of safety, right?
Links if you want your own meeting –

Step 1: Go to https://www.reginfo.gov/public/do/eo/neweomeeting

Step 2: Enter in the RIN above and schedule a meeting to let the OMB know how this
will kill business, ruin model recreation, cause all sorts of privacy issues, is going to
be extremely expensive, etc.

It’s a public record to see who speaks. The information presented is also public. DJI,
AUVSI, etc. are already scheduled to speak.
Here are the meetings scheduled:

If you don’t have time for a meeting, email your questions, to Gary or me, and we’ll
see what we can do to get them answered before this potential catastrophe becomes
the rule.

Patrick Eganhttp://patrickegan.net/
Editor in Field, sUAS News Americas Desk | Patrick Egan is the editor of the Americas Desk at sUAS News and host and Executive Producer of the sUAS News Podcast Series, Drone TV and the Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition. Experience in the field includes assignments with the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command Battle Lab investigating solutions on future warfare research projects. Instructor for LTA (Lighter Than Air) ISR systems deployment teams for an OSD, U.S. Special Operations Command, Special Surveillance Project. Built and operated commercial RPA prior to 2007 FAA policy clarification. On the airspace integration side, he serves as director of special programs for the RCAPA (Remote Control Aerial Photography Association).