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Prismatic another series of successful flight trials completed

The first two weeks of October saw a contingent of Prismatic staff head off to Spain, masks and gel in hand, for a series of flights trials of the PHASE-8 and LASA-5 UAVs at the ATLAS (Air Traffic Laboratory for Advanced unmanned Systems) test facility.

The principal aim of the flight trials was to train the flight crew for the future PHASA-35 flights planned for 2021.  Many flights, using the flight representative PHASE-8 were held in order to drill the crews in all aspects of the take off, landing, flight control, weather and mission management that will be needed for these future trials. In addition, Prismatic trialled their new LASA-5 system holding a series of successful test flights verifying the capability of this novel design and gathering valuable flight data.

Jacob Oakley – GCS Commander and lead System Engineer said, “The trial really helped bring the crews together to work as one team and prepared us for the P35 flight next year”

The team, consisting of many young engineers, who worked brilliantly as a team to deliver a large number of flights in a small period of time. Rich Millar commented, “I take great pride in working with a team at Prismatic that shows such high levels of professionalism while being made up of personnel predominantly under the age of 30. ”

One of our pilots, Jamie Hope commented “I have been on various flight trials with other companies, and I was amazed at how much was achieved in such a short space of time.”

The trials were a great route to build the team, Matt Wilson, one of our BAE secondees said “I am very much looking forward to the next flight trials, it’s a very rewarding exercise that stretches you to your best and shows how we can keep pushing the capability boundaries.”

It wasn’t all hard work, there were opportunities for biking and hiking around the Spanish countryside. The team were also spoilt by some excellent food at the location.

Prismatic thanks the team for all their hard work and dedication during the trial resulting in such a resounding success.

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