DJI Launches Effort To Debunk Myths About Data Governance

New “BUSTED” Blog Post Counters False Claims With Facts And References 
October 26, 2020 – DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, today launched a new effort to debunk false claims about the company and its data governance practices on DJI’s ViewPoints blog. “BUSTED: Five Common Myths About DJI” is the first DJI publication to address a full range of unfounded allegations from critics and competitors. DJI uses third-party facts and references about its security protocols, privacy protection, business development and corporate operations to address the inaccurate claims. 

“BUSTED” rebukes the five oft-referenced myths about DJI and its products by laying out the facts:

  • DJI drones do not automatically send pictures or flight information to DJI, to China, or to anywhere else. “BUSTED” provides concise links to the many technical studies from U.S. government agencies and private cybersecurity experts which have found no evidence to support this myth.
  • DJI cannot share customer data with the Chinese government unless customers voluntarily choose to provide it to us. “BUSTED” notes that even when provided with a lawful request for information from any country’s government, DJI cannot provide data that we don’t have.
  • DJI is not funded, owned or controlled by the government of China. “BUSTED” explains how DJI was privately founded without any Chinese government investments, and later received more than $100 million in American venture capital funding.
  • DJI does not steal technology or intellectual property from other companies. “BUSTED” notes the many key drone innovations first developed by DJI that were later copied by our competitors, as well as the nearly 500 U.S. patents it holds.
  • DJI has not “dumped” products on the market below cost. “BUSTED” cites examples from a U.S. federal court, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and American competitors who attribute DJI’s market success to its skill at developing powerful and innovative products at competitive prices.

By collecting the material to refute those myths in a single blog post, DJI is providing convenient answers for customers, dealers, media, and anyone else with questions or concerns. The company will continue to address false accusations as they arise. To delve deeper into DJI’s information security protocols, please visit our data security page at

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