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ALTI Flare

At ALTI we are always striving to deliver the best security & surveillance unmanned aircraft on the market and we are excited to announce the all-new ALTI Flare!

The ALTI Flare was specifically developed as a lower-cost alternative to our fixed-wing aircraft while staying true to our long-range ethos.

The ALTI Flare offers incredibly long endurance for a quadcopter with flight times of up to an hour loaded with its maximum payload of 1kg, making it one of the longest flying quadcopter drones available today.

As with all ALTI aircraft, the Flare is rapidly deployable with no need to set-up complex equipment and is designed to cover a large area with a flight range of up to 20km, ideal for security and surveillance applications.

The aircraft also offers advanced GPS guidance, auto missions, return to home features along with local support for maintenance and repairs.

In summary, the ALTI Flare is an advanced, easy to operate, rapidly deployable security & surveillance drone built by South Africa’s leading drone company, for Africa and beyond.

To find out more about the ALTI Flare get in contact with us at [email protected] or visit our website at www.altiuas.com.

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