Turn your browser into a Virtual Flight Test Environment

The AlphaLink Virtual Flight Test Environment (VFTE) enables the execution of virtual flight tests with and without Stability Augmentation System in a web browser.

Optimal results are achieved in the Firefox browser. Other browsers can be used. Please allow 10-30s for your browser to load the application.

To interact with the VFTE, the GUI (Graphical User Interface) on the top right of the screen can be used. Please find the detailed description of the Control Interface below.


Run – Press this button to start the simulation. While running it is not possible to use Orbit Controls to adjust the view.

Pause – Press this button to pause the animation.

Reset – Press this button to reset the simulation and place the aircraft (current model: Talon) back to its initial position.

Perspective – Press this button to the change the perspective. The perspective will be updated while the simulation is running.

Aircraft Controls

The aircraft controls can be accessed by the GUI-Slider and the Keyboard. Please note: it is not possible to type in values.

Controller (Stability Augmentation System)

The controller can be turned on and off with the On/Off button. Its parameters can be set by using the Slider or typing in values.

The pitch damper computes an additional elevator deflection based on the pitch rate, which is added to the piloted signal. The relationship between measured pitch rate and additional elevator signal can be adjusted by the gain factor in the GUI. With the roll damper an aileron signal, which is added to the pilot command, is determined by measuring the roll rate. The gain is set with the GUI. For the yaw damper, the yaw rate is first passed through a washout with adjustable time constant in the GUI. Then, the filtered signal is multiplied by the factor of the yaw damper (adjustable in the GUI) and an additional rudder signal is computed, which is superimposed on the pilot inputs.

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