Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Jamming trial impacting electronic situational awareness devices, UAS command systems and GNSS receivers: 8 Sep – 4 Dec, Luce Bay

(This will go on for a while and look at the other frequencies being attacked, yes the image is an in joke, I was based up the road at Prestwick in the 1980’s and we used to say things about West Freugh ed)

Jamming activity will take place 8 September – 4 December 2020 in and around Luce Bay.

The activity may affect GNSS receivers along with UAS and cockpit devices operating on 433, 868, 915, 2400, 5800 MHz operating up to 40,000FT AMSL within 55NM of 545020N 045548W (West Freugh).

During the trials impacted systems may suffer intermittent or total failure.  Individual events will not exceed 2 minutes in duration with no more than 5 events per hour.  Activity will take place in daytime hours between 0830 and 1600.

For further information contact [email protected]

Emergency cease jamming contact 01776 888932 or 01776 888930