Here3 – RTK GPS for all

Hex and ProfiCNC are proud to introduce the Here 3 Precision GNSS solution into the
CubePilot product line-up.

The Here3 Brings the world of RTK to everyone.

Here 3 is our Base model GPS, it joins the HerePro which is our flagship GPS model,
and replaces the Here, Here 2, Here +, and Here+ V2.

Featuring the M8P GNSS module from Ublox, along with a ProfiCNC designed RF
section, CANBUS Solution, and a new case, the next generation of the Here family steps
up performance, slashes price, and sets a new baseline for GNSS solutions in the
Robotics industry.

RTK Float mode is available as soon as it receives valid RTCM 3 messages, these can
be provided by free NTRIP servers in many countries, or these can be supplied via
mission planner and any RTK base station that is capable of producing these RTCM 3
messages. (Here+ Base, or HerePro are capable of this.)

With a standalone accuracy of 2.5m, RTK accuracy to 0.025m, precision is now in reach
of everyone.

Here 3 will function at 160,000Ft, and up to 1,800 kph with a velocity accuracy of 0.05m/s making it suitable for all UAS applications.

Applications include, UGV, USV, UAS, for all types of industrial uses as well as precision
swarming activities.

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