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Atmos GeoTagger

Our engineers have been busy once more improving your user experience with Marlyn. Therefore we’re excited to introduce the Atmos GeoTagger software, the latest innovation for your workflow!

What is it? 
The Atmos GeoTagger is a single software designed to apply geotags to the image data you’ve captured with Marlyn.

How does it work?
Wave goodbye to long workflows, multiple sets of software, and complicated debugging. Assigning accurate positions to Marlyn flight images is easier than ever with GeoTagger!  All you need to do is to select the folders from your different data streams, choose a processing type, and press ‘Geotag’.

The software uses complex algorithms to compare your four streams of data (images, PPK logs, autopilot logs, and base station observations) and applies a correction to the geotag that has been originally generated on the PPK module on the aircraft.

After that is done you’re ready for post-processing in your preferred photogrammetry software.



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