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Airobotics’ drones enable quick emergency response

Climate change is a key factor in increasing the risk of natural disasters like wildfires. At the moment, California is approaching the peak of the fire season, according to Cal Fire. But what if there was a way to get a bird’s eye view to gain awareness in these kinds of emergency situations?

Meet Airobotics, the global leader in fully automated industrial drones. The startup enables companies and governments to run automatic missions for emergency response, monitoring, inspecting, and securing large industrial facilities and other strategic sites such as mines, oil & gas companies, and seaports. 

The solution is a game-changer for security, quick emergency response, and situational awareness. One of the main challenges fire departments face is getting accurate, actionable real-time information. Currently, plans and responses often come from one step behind, but with automated drones, the response can instead be one step ahead. In the case of wildfires, Airobotics has the potential to give a bird’s eye view, enabling efficient strategizing, and protection of emergency personnel. Airobotics platform is equipped to provide security officers and emergency responders with a professional tool for collecting unlimited aerial data and gaining real-time visibility into security threats and emergency situations. 

The company, which received the world’s first approval to fly over a major metropolis like Singapore, has recently provided Singapore’s police with 2 pilotless drones to track illegal public gathering and enforce social distancing measures.

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